Health: Anti-Snoring Device Introduced in Nigeria

The tragedy of night worries when your snoring partner, siblings or roommate falls asleep before you are about to come to an end. The anti-snoring device, the latest invention has been introduced into Nigeria and is fast rising and selling. The snoring person never hears themselves snore. Which makes it difficult to tell if you snore or don’t snore unless you were told or you’ve recorded your sleep. There’s so far no way to find out why you can’t hear yourself snore.

Few Facts about Snoring

  • Snoring is a loud harsh sound that occurs during sleep; it sounds ranges from about 60db to 100db. just so you’ll understand perfectly what this means. Snoring usually falls between 60/90db, compared with normal talking which is about 60db, or a vacuum cleaner which is about 70db and a chain saw which is between 90-100db. that’s how loud a snore can get.
  • Snoring does not only occur in adults. However, it is also more common in adults than in children and adolescence. snoring in children is most likely caused by a cold or bad sleeping position; snoring is children is nothing to panic about. You can easily stop a child from snoring by slightly adjusting ht bed or the pillow, elevating the head to about 10-30 centimeters. this will prevent the tongue from falling back in the throat and thus stop the snoring.
  • Snoring occurs in both genders. Although, study shows that about 30% of women snore (that is out of every 10 women 3 snores) and 40% of men snore (that is out of every 10 men 4 snores) habitually.

  • 90% of humans snore but 70% as established above are habitual while the other 20 are occasional. So, most people at some points in their life had snored. Although this particular kind of snoring is caused by bad sleeping position (Which is sleeping on your back and facing the roof, sleeping without a pillow or sleeping on a bit inverted bed), sickness (could be cold) or nostril block by Catarrh. All of these can also lead to chronic snoring; tumors and/or cysts in the throat can lead to snoring as well. Several other reasons associated with the nose can lead to snoring.
  • Snoring itself is actually considered harmless, but it indicates several disorders when it becomes habitual or regular; snoring is very common and in a family of 5 it is most likely that at least one person snores.
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  • People who snore regularly and loudly are likely to be overweight and are 5 times more at the risk of developing hypertension especially at older ages; compared to people who only snore occasionally.
  • Some study has revealed that some men tend to stop snoring after the age of 70. While some other ones start snoring from that age; which is quite bad if it is too much as it may lead to some other nasal diseases or problems.
  • Snoring has its own health risks as it can lead to Obstructed Sleep Apnea OSA. This problem is a bit serious as it causes a series of breathing stops during sleep; which takes about 10 seconds and could happen up to one hundred times at a single night’s sleep. However, snoring does not necessarily indicate OSA but can lead to it.
  • Snoring increases the risks of heart attack and stroke by about 37% and 74% respectively.
  • Finally, snoring sometimes can only be treated by surgery there’s something called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty also known as UPPP or UP3. is a surgical procedure that is used for the snoring treatment. In this method, tissues are removed from the airways which widen the airway. this is a very invasive surgery and can lead to unwanted side effects like the formation of scar tissue and severe sleep apnea.

Anti-Snore Device

Anti-Snoring Device Introduced in Nigeria


Anti-Snoring Device Introduced in Nigeria

You would agree with me that sleeping with someone who snores can be a very serious challenge. Especially when you are not a deep sleeper. It sometimes takes the grace of God to fall asleep when they sleep before you; which has led to several marriage divorces and relationship breakups.

As sad as snoring may sound to us it has been established that snoring is not a deformity or irregular; it is very common. Although it is difficult to cure or reduce. Several people have halted at the solution of using earbuds when they want to sleep beside a snoring partner, friend, sibling or roommate. Since the surgical solution is quite expensive.

As crazy as this may sound, snoring is hereditary. The general consensus among sleep researchers today is that chronic snoring on its own is not hereditary. However, factors that lead to it may be hereditary which can make it hereditary. Such factors/diseases could be obesity, certain anatomical traits, and medical conditions like Obstructed Sleep Apnea OSA.

There are several ways of reducing snoring when it is caused by other health issues. However, a new invention was introduced some few months ago and is not introduced into Nigeria some few days ago.

It is called “Silentsnore” this device can help reduce snoring at night as is completely safe as it is not a drug; which might have side effect later.

some advantages of it are that it

  • Promotes better breathing during sleep
  • Aids in reducing and finally stopping snoring
  • Reuseable
  • comfortable and lightweight and secure
  • Anti-Snoring Device Introduced in Nigeria

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